Products listed in this page are mostly use by Police, Bomb-Squads, Airport, Seaport, Border control Point,  Government/Commercial, Military Installations. We regularly add new products as per our valued customer's requirements.

If you don't find the equipment you are looking for, Email or Phone us for detail specifications & price quote:-

Defence Products List
• Navigation Radar
•Digital Weather Radar
•Portable Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar (PSTAR)
•Digital Data Recorder and Analyzer
•Echo Sounder
•Life Raft
• High Speed Patrol Boat
•Digital Magnetometer
•UPS for Sea Defense
•Large Aircraft Start System (LASS)
• Remote Firing System(RFD)
• Videoscopes

Defence Products List
•Ground Power Unit (GPU)
•Inverter & Frequency Converter
•Wireless Underwater Commn. System
•DGPS Receiver
•Non-Directional Radio Beacon (NDB)
•Helicopter Engine & Spare Parts
•HF/VHF Tactical Man pack Radio
•Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
•Water Treatment Plant
•Gyro Compass
•Miss Distance Indicator (MDI)